Senior Localisation Specialist, Digital Experience

    based in Cork, Ireland


  • What I Do

    I support teams on execution and delivery of localization projects to ensure the highest quality experience


    I collaborate closely with the product management and technical product management teams during the product launch process. Additionally, I work alongside creative producers for marketing campaigns, ensuring seamless integration of localization milestones into the overall launch schedule. My responsibilities span across content, design, and internationalization, overseeing every facet essential for the readiness of target markets.


  • Projects

    A selection of projects I've been involved with:

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    Localisation Specialist Engineer (McAfee)

    Nov 2022 - Current

    • Constantly monitor language suppliers' performance
    • Implement languages quality models
    • Automate workflows and translation management systems to ensure lower costs.
    • Improve processes to deliver world ready content across +35 locales
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    Metadata Specialist- Apple TV App

    March 2021 - November 2022
    • Report any patterns of issues observed to help improve database and product performance
    • Mapping and optimization
    • Test tools to provide feedback for improving efficiency and accuracy

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    Siri Software Engineer (Apple)

    Sept 2019 - March 2021
    • Interacting with Language Engineers to ensure accuracy is preserved across languages
    • Investigate and scope out software bugs
    • Escalate key quality issues and drive to a satisfactory resolution
    • Contribute to test automation

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    Spanish Lead and PM

    Jun 2017 - Sept. 2019
    • Manage day-to-day translation projects from project inception through completion, to final delivery.
    • Engage with other producers and project managers to ensure work is delivered on time, on quality and within budget.
    • Administer linguistic QA projects including creating, planning, and executing test plans.
    • Manage vendor relationships by answering linguistic queries, providing training, and general troubleshooting.
    • Contribute to improvements in localization processes and tools.

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    Freelance Translator

    May 2008- May 2017

    • Translate into specified languages maintaining message content, context, and style.
    • Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.
    • Maintain terminology bases and glossaries, including terminology updates.
    • Evaluate and analyze the source documents.
    • Outline and create a project plan for the other staff members involved in the translation.
    • Make sure that the translations being delivered are complete and yields to original project terms.

  • My Skills




    - Mother tongue:



    - Bilingual competency: English (Sworn)


    - Translation competency:











    - Experience working with large scale client and server-side software features

    - Software Engineering experience

    - Experience building and/or scripting test automation

    - Hands-on experience with project set-up, assignment and tracking within PM Tools for large and complex projects

    - Familiarity with NLP technology




    - Working with cross-functional teams in large-scale organizations

    - Ability to thrive under pressure and function effectively in a fast-paced environment

    - Ability to understand the core principles of Project Management

    - Active listening

    - Conflict Resolution

    - Clarity



  • Education 

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    Code Institute, Dublin, Ireland

    Subject Overview





    Flask / Django Frameworks


    User Experience Design 

    Cloud Deployment and Cloud based editing

    Working with Relational Data 

    Version Control

    Test Driven Development

    Application Programming Interfaces

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    Universidad de Salamanca & Universidad de Valladolid

    Subject Overview

    !!!! All subjects PASSED, but final project never delivered. Life happens.


    Discourse Analysis in English

    Pragmatics and its Cross Cultural Perspectives

    Research on languages in Contact: the Importance of Linguistic Data

    Methodological and Research Resources for English Language Teaching

    Metafiction in Literature and Film

    The Rise and Development of the Novel

    The Age of Shakespeare and Cervantes

    American Poetry and Poetics

    Romantic Imagination





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    Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain

    Subject Overview


    Applied IT for Translation

    Spanish Language: Rules and Usage

    Theory and Practice of Translation

    Languages and Culture B, C and D (English, French and Italian)

    Written Communication Techniques and Strategies

    Documentation Applied to Translation

    Spanish-language Resources for Translation

    Translation Project Management


    Audiovisual Translation

    Financial, Legal, Technical and Advertising Translation

    Interpreting Techniques





  • Blog

    March 9, 2024
    "Invisible plurals" is a term often used in the context of localization, referring to situations where the form of a word remains unchanged when it is used in the plural form. This phenomenon can pose challenges for translators and localization teams because different languages may have distinct...
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